4 Beneficial Reasons To Outline Before Writing:

I used to be (and largely still am) a pantser. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term let me explain: In the writing world, there are two types of writers: “Plotters”, and “Pantsers” (don’t ask who came up with the terms because I honestly don’t know)

  • Plotters create an abbreviated plot outline detailing the way their story will unfold, before they write.
  • Pantsers (as the name implies) tend to write by the seat of their pants, creating and shaping the plot as they write.

In my years as a writer, I have always been a dedicated pantser and turned my nose up at even the prospect of outlining. Outlines are for sissies.” Largely summed up my attitude, I considered them worthless, and counted them as unnecessary time-wasters that were just downright boring! I mean, why write an outline when you can just write the story. Right?

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Graphical Character Design Tools: (What to Do When You Can’t Draw to Save Your Life)


Believe it or not, When it comes to the world of writing, the most important thing that you can have isn’t a good plot, or perfect dialogue, or even a well built story world. While all of the above are important, and a story can easily fail without them, the one thing that any story CANNOT do without is people. Every story HAS to be about someone, or else it really isn’t a good story. But how do you describe those characters? How do you get their physical appearance out of your head and into a story?

Graphical-character-design-tools image

If you’ve got artistic abilities on-top of writing know-how, then this won’t be a problem, but what about the ones who don’t, and can’t? It’s true enough that characters, tend to spring full grown from our heads, (much like the Goddess Athena from Greek Mythology), but DRAWING that characters… well, that’s something else… or is it

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