16 Questions To Get The Most Out of Your Beta-Readers: Part-II


Last week, in my post  16 Questions To Get The Most Out of Your Beta-Readers: Part-I  I presented eight thought-provoking questions to ask Beta-readers after they’ve completed reading your finished, or in-work story. While the first eight questions covered Story related questions, the final eight questions focus on Character.

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16 Questions To Get The Most Out of Your Beta-Readers: Part-I


After my best friend recently agreed to be my newest and latest beta-reader and critiquer I realized that I needed to compose a list of questions for her to answer after she’d read my stories. I initially intended to only have 10 questions, five related to the Plot and Pacing of the Story, and another five related to the Characters. However after about an hour, the question list grew: first 10, then 12, and finally 16 question long. Today, I thought I would share the first half of my newly developed list of Beta-Reader/Critiquer questions. I hope that they look as well-thought out now, as they did to my half-asleep brain when I wrote them in the wee hours of the morning earlier this week.

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