Highlights of the Year: 2014

large_11692835724I’d like to take a moment and honor some of the bloggers, writers and authors who helped make 2014 such a great year. Below is a selection of some of the wonderful posts I enjoyed reading over the last 12 months. I regret that i’m unable to list all of them, but that would require a book! So keep up the good work everyone and Happy New Years.

JEFF GOINS @ Goins, Writer

 ADRIANA BIELKOVA @ CompletlyNovel

BRADEN RUSSEL @ The Storymonger

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“Behold The Dawn” by K.M Weiland — A TNEP Review

* * *
The vengeance of a monk.
The love of a countess.
The secrets of a knight.
* * *

Marcus Annan, a knight famed for his prowess in the deadly tourney competitions, thought he could keep the bloody secrets of his past buried forever. But when a mysterious crippled monk demands Annan help him wreak vengeance on a corrupt bishop, Annan is forced to leave the tourneys and join the Third Crusade in the Holy Land.
Wounded in battle and hunted on every side, he agrees to marry—in name only—the traumatized widow of an old friend, in order to protect her from the obsessive pursuit of a mutual enemy. Together, they escape an infidel prison camp and flee the Holy Land. But, try as he might, he cannot elude the past—or his growing feelings for the Lady Mairead. Amidst the pain and grief of a war he doesn’t even believe in, he is forced at last to face long-hidden secrets and sins and to bare his soul to the mercy of a God he thought he had abandoned years ago.
– Author’s Description

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Graphical Character Design Tools: (What to Do When You Can’t Draw to Save Your Life)


Believe it or not, When it comes to the world of writing, the most important thing that you can have isn’t a good plot, or perfect dialogue, or even a well built story world. While all of the above are important, and a story can easily fail without them, the one thing that any story CANNOT do without is people. Every story HAS to be about someone, or else it really isn’t a good story. But how do you describe those characters? How do you get their physical appearance out of your head and into a story?

Graphical-character-design-tools image

If you’ve got artistic abilities on-top of writing know-how, then this won’t be a problem, but what about the ones who don’t, and can’t? It’s true enough that characters, tend to spring full grown from our heads, (much like the Goddess Athena from Greek Mythology), but DRAWING that characters… well, that’s something else… or is it

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This last weekend I had the privilege to attend “Clouds Over Missouri”, a Christian Conference held in Springfield, Missouri. At the conclusion of the conference, we all headed over to the Springfield City Square to put our faith in action by sharing the Gospel to the crowds who had gathered there for the Annual “Greater Ozark Pridefest” the largest homosexual rally in Southwest Missouri.

As we were leaving the square, our pastor asked us to share our testimony of the day the following morning at church. As I writer, I think and express my thoughts and feelings the best on paper. So as my testimonial, I wrote the following essay, titled “Clouds Over Missouri” after the name of the conference.

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So while reading in Proverbs the other day, I came across biblical evidence and support of the old adage “Writers starve.

 “Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.”

~ Proverbs 28:19 NIV

 This is also evidence that its probably a good idea for a starting Writer/Author to have a secondary career as a fall-back while they work at getting a foot in the writing communities door—like maybe farming…