Birthday Celebration – One Year Old


Well, it’s January 21st, and that means that it’s officially been one year since I stepped into the blogosphere and started The Never Ending Path (Thanks mom for the idea.) That means that today is my blog’s birthday. It’s a somewhat odd concept to celebrate the birthday of an inanimate object, but whatever. The world has already labeled us writers as “Insane and introverted hermits”, so why not throw “odd” in there as well.

Regardless, I’d like to take a moment and thank everybody who has supported me over the last year and recognize some of the people who have helped, and inspired me along the way.



 As science-fiction writer Timothy Zahn once stated:

“Often a writer’s mind functions like a giant food processor, taking in thoughts and idea from everywhere and then mixing and matching the pieces until something new (or at least unrecognizable) emerges. On the rare occasions when we’re actually able to trace something directly to its source, it’s only right we acknowledged it.”

~ Timothy Zahn, Star Wars: Allegiance, Acknowledgements, Page-01


So first up, I’d like to thank:

Braden Russell (The Storymonger)

Your Dec 10, 2014 post:A Belated 1st Birthday Celebration–Shoutouts and Stuff,” is where I originally got the idea that shaped this blog post. While I’m on the subject, your blog is awesome, and your stories I, Sherwood, and Redemption Train were amazing and touching. I look forward to being able to meet you someday. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other at an OYAN workshop.


My Family

You guys have been so supportive, and encouraging (and only questioned my sanity on a few rare occasion) during my time as a writer. I heartily apologize for the many times I’ve tortured you with bad prose, misspelled words and truckloads of run-on sentences…. and you guys kept your sanity throughout it all! That alone is saying A LOT. You guys are my greatest support, and my first beta-readers / fanbase (I couldn’t get anybody else to submit to voluntary torture), and I would be lost utterly without mom’s tireless editing (thanks again). I love all you guys and thanks for all that you do!



You’re my absolute bestest friend and always a support and encouragement! You’ve been a tremendous help over the years, and I apologize for the many times i’ve rambled on about some plot and bounced story ideas off of you. Thanks again with your help for ideas for the Outlaw Sequel. Your friendship and your patience with your insane writer of a best friend means the world to me!

P.S: I am still working on writing the above mentioned sequel to “Outlaw”… I’m just not sure when it will be done.


K.M. Weiland (Helping Writers Become Authors)

ForBehold the Dawn the novel that got me re-interested in the medieval setting. I’m an avid reader of your blog, and your booksStructuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story” & “Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success are some of the most wonderful resources I have ever encountered! Thank you so much for your commitment to mentoring and helping writers become authors.


Chautona Havig (Just The Write Escape…)

For you friendship, support and generosity, and for introducing me to some amazing people and resources!  (She’s the one who originally introduced me to K.M.Wieland, and her books). In addition, your Annals of Wynnewood trilogy was the best medieval story I have ever read (So good I read all three books in two and a half days!) Subconsciously, I always look for its characters in every medieval book I read, and am always greatly disappointed when I can never find anyone similar. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart as the first “real” author I ever had the pleasure of meeting!


Emily Tjaden (Dreaming Hobbit)

I think that your tips on writing have probably been the most helpful content (on writing) that I have ever read in my whole life. You have a knack for hitting the nail dead-center on the head and driving it home. Back when we first met at church, it meant alot to me that you spend 2+ hours or so talking with me after you’re found out I was a writer. You were also the first OYANer that I met 🙂


Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior

You’re really the only One who I have to thank (and sometimes blame) for this wonderful gift of being a writer. You wired me to write, and whispered in my ear to write to my fullest potential for Your glory. I would not be the person I was today without You, and Your sacrifice on the cross. The forgiveness of my sins is the most precious gift that I ever have, or ever will, receive. Thank you.


Lastly (but by no means least) My Readers, And Followers:

I know firsthand that it’s hard keep up on reading other people’s blog (especially when you have your hands full with your own.) So to all of my readers who read me avidly, and to those who only manage to glance over the occasional post, thank you for your commitment! I hope that I am able to touch and inspire each one of you with good writing for many years to come!


photo credit: Mike via Flickr cc (Cropped, Dimensions Adjusted)


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