Highlights of the Year: 2014

large_11692835724I’d like to take a moment and honor some of the bloggers, writers and authors who helped make 2014 such a great year. Below is a selection of some of the wonderful posts I enjoyed reading over the last 12 months. I regret that i’m unable to list all of them, but that would require a book! So keep up the good work everyone and Happy New Years.

JEFF GOINS @ Goins, Writer

 ADRIANA BIELKOVA @ CompletlyNovel

BRADEN RUSSEL @ The Storymonger

K.M. WEILAND @ Helping Writers Become Authors

EMILY TJADEN @ Dreaming Hobbit

ELIZABETH GALLOWAY @ Ladybug Art Creations

CHAUTONA HAVIG @ …Just The Write Escape


DANIEL SCHWABAUER @ One Year Adventure Novel



Well, I hope everyone enjoys these wonderful posts as much as I did. Happy New Years to all and God Bless.

Have you missed some of the Never Ending Path’s posts? Here’s a recap!

* * *

photo credit: Jeff Krause via photopin cc (Cropped)


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