Highlights of the Year: 2014

large_11692835724I’d like to take a moment and honor some of the bloggers, writers and authors who helped make 2014 such a great year. Below is a selection of some of the wonderful posts I enjoyed reading over the last 12 months. I regret that i’m unable to list all of them, but that would require a book! So keep up the good work everyone and Happy New Years.

JEFF GOINS @ Goins, Writer

 ADRIANA BIELKOVA @ CompletlyNovel

BRADEN RUSSEL @ The Storymonger

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Thoughts On Writing Extra-Terrestrial Life: (From A Christian Perspective)

Today, I’m hosting a Q & A interview with, well, myself. Now I agree that it’s more than a little odd—and some might think egotistical—but the only real reason for this is because I’ve found that sometimes, writing in an unconventional format is the easiest way to get ideas onto paper. I rewrote this post three or four times before switching the format and then I finished it in one go without problems.


One of the biggest personal hurdles I’ve had to jump as a Science Fiction writer, is the question of “Should I write about aliens when I don‘t believe they exist”. Now obviously everybody is going to have their own opinion and answer to that question, but I thought I’d take some time and share my own thoughts on the matter.

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Can Being Tired Make Us Better Writers?

So Very True! I recommend everyone give this post a read. It’s easy to overlook such a simple writing technique, but take it from me: Writing when you are tired WORKS!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 9.14.12 AM Image via Lauriesanders60 WANACommons

Last month I participated in NaNoWriMo even though it’s the holidays and, as many of you know, I am battling the last vestiges of Shingles which makes me tired, like down to the BONES tired. But, lest I go crazy, I had to write, because that’s what writers do. We aren’t happy unless we are writing something. 

I figured in the beginning I likely wouldn’t make the 50,000 word mark not only because of feeling puny, but I also have other writing that doesn’t count toward NaNo.

Yet, the interesting thing is, being tired can have benefits. If we wait until that celestial alignment when the kids aren’t sick, our pants fit, there isn’t a heap of laundry, the garage is clean, the junk mail sorted, and we feel energized? We won’t get a lot of writing done, so here is some food for thought…

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