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This last weekend I had the privilege to attend “Clouds Over Missouri”, a Christian Conference held in Springfield, Missouri. At the conclusion of the conference, we all headed over to the Springfield City Square to put our faith in action by sharing the Gospel to the crowds who had gathered there for the Annual “Greater Ozark Pridefest” the largest homosexual rally in Southwest Missouri.

As we were leaving the square, our pastor asked us to share our testimony of the day the following morning at church. As I writer, I think and express my thoughts and feelings the best on paper. So as my testimonial, I wrote the following essay, titled “Clouds Over Missouri” after the name of the conference.

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Well it took me a while, but “The Never Ending Path” is now officially on FaceBook! Yay!

The page will feature links to blog posts as well as other random tidbits (links, shared photos, statuses, etc.) which won’t appear here on the blog, so make sure you don’t miss out!


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Well if there is one quality (be it good or bad) that I can say I EXCEL at it would be procrastination. For instance, I started this blog with the intention to post at least once a week, and now it’s the middle of June and I haven’t posted anything since February.

I’ve started several posts but always ended up putting them off because either A) I didn’t have the time at the moment to finish them, Or B) the post took a direction I didn’t like.

Far too often lately that’s been the theme of my life. I start something with EVERY INTENTION OF FINISHING it, but somehow I never do. Take a look in my “Writing Projects” file on my computer and you will find a folder (which I have named “the morgue”) jam-packed full of half-finished novels, short stories, or story outlines/ideas. Why? Well it’s pretty simple— I suffer for a fatal disease known as “IAADP”

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